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Mappings are used for product creation.

Once the profile(s) configured, and if necessary, the module will show here the values for which it will be needed to fill in the correspondence, this is called a mapping.

The module will display a value on PrestaShop on one hand and on the other you will indicate the corresponding value to send to Amazon.

The mapping is not technical, it requires no knowledge, it is simply to enter a list of values with common sense.

There are several kinds of mappings, including;

Fixed Value

Simple mapping, elementary, you enter a single fixed value of your choice or a single fixed value recommended by Amazon.

Here’s an example of fixed value mapping well filled in:


Free Mapping

You will enter a value of your choice, or a value recommended by Amazon, the module displays a free mapping if it does not know the value expected by Amazon.


Mapping with constraint

You will select a valid value in a list because the module has determined that Amazon expects a precise value, these are the “valid values”. You will import or refresh the valid values from the Tools tab.

Here’s an example of mapping with constraint well filled in: