Synchronization Field

Field used by Amazon to identify the product. This value is EAN for Europe, UPC for the United States.

Overwrite Delivery Rates

See the documentation on Amazon about it.

Send Invoice by Email

Emailing of the PDF invoice generated by PrestaShop, based on Amazon recommendations. The email is sent via the email address called “encrypted” by abuse of language.

Exemption of code

Right granted by Amazon to have no product code (EAN or UPC) for products. The seller is then “exempted” of code, it can sell in the marketplace without EAN/UPC for a technical consideration indicated by technical support.

Invoice by email

Sends the PDF invoice generated by PrestaShop by e-mail to the client based on Amazon conditions of use.


See FBA documentation about it


Result of logging: for each product an entry is created in the log, the products are in the processing queue. When the feed is sent, the queue will be emptied.


Filter products based on suppliers, brands/manufacturers or price range. The product will never be exported whether it is in stock or not.

Title Format

Application of the format recommended by Amazon for products titles, adding the manufacturer, attributes etc.

Latency / Delay

Processing time by the seller before shipping the product. If the latency is 2, the seller will ship the product 2 days after purchase.


A computer technology consisting of substituting one value by another.


Sequence of several consecutive “Mapping”.

Shipping Method

Transportation used for the order shipment from the perspective of Amazon.


Provide possibility to the module to export products that are not in stock and have a subsequent exit date filled in (product sheet, “Availability Date” field). In this case the product will be displayed for pre-order on Amazon and you’ll have the possibility to deliver it upon actual availability.

Price Rule

You’ll specify a value or percentage that will be applied to the selling price with all taxes included, which will have the effect of increasing or decreasing the selling price on the marketplace.


Parent/Child Relationship between products. A parent product is the main product, child-products are the sub-products, the relationship establishes that hierarchy.


SKU means “Stock Keeping Unit”, it is a universal name synonymous of product reference, the vendor seller’s reference.


Main product classification.


Equivalence of combination on PrestaShop. On Amazon a variant consists of a parent product and children products that are combination equivalents. A parent/child relationship is then established, see relationship.


See Wozapi documentation about this subject