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Standard Parameters


Export sales and products having a specific price. Go to Management of promotions and sales page for details about this.


Allows the sale of products whose availability is at a later date, Availability date parameter on the product sheet.

Title Format

Product name format as recommended by Amazon, see your Amazon documentation on this.

Order Status

Select here the order statuses, respectively, this section is automatically pre-configured, therefore modify these parameters only if necessary.


Select the employee who will perform automated tasks (Scheduled Tasks)

Amazon Europe

Enable the option if you want to sell on other Amazon marketplaces, see Additional European platforms page for more details on this configuration.

Advanced Parameters


Do not calculate export taxes, Amazon calculates them (Canada, USA)

Erase Products

Delete products on Amazon rather than putting them with zero stock

HTML Descriptions

Enable to export HTML descriptions, it’s sometimes denied by Amazon for certain categories, in case of doubt, do not activate this option

Description Field

Select the description field to export, concatenate both (Summary + Description) or do not export the description

Image Type

Choose the type of image (Corresponding to Prestashop parameter in Preferences > Images), choose the biggest image type

Logs by Email

Useful for diagnostics if you use Amazon FBA