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Using Cronjobs (Recommended)

We recommend using the PrestaShop Crontab module if it is not installed on your PrestaShop, you can download it here:

Installation is easy, the module automatically installs the scheduled tasks needed in your PrestaShop Cronjobs Module :

install cron


Traditional Scheduled Tasks, manual installation

For each platform, there is a list of scheduled tasks, allowing for example to automatically update your catalog on Amazon.

They are commonly called “crons”. The module displays a list of all tasks you need to configure in your “crontab“:

Note that there are available solutions provided by your host that are free of charge, and also external paid services but we do not provide support for any of them as we are not the authors nor the operators.

There are many possible scheduled tasks:


Update stock and prices on Amazon
1 task per marketplace.

Recommended frequency: Every worked hour


Imports orders from Amazon
1 task per marketplace.

Recommended frequency: Every hour

Note that this process can be blocking (i.e. stock) and does not exempt you from viewing the list of orders that can be imported.


Updates the statuses of orders (ie. submitted) on Amazon
1 task for Europe, 1 task per country for other countries

Recommended frequency: Every 4 hours in working hours


In order to check the proper functioning of a script, copy the URL indicated by the module in Scheduled Tasks tab. Paste this URL into the URL address bar of your Internet browser, as follows:


If no obvious error appears, it will indicate that the script is running, the next step is to configure your scheduled task with your technical partner.

Note that the script will display a computer response (JSON), if you see a message saying “Error”, this would mean an obvious error.

Our area of ‚Äč‚Äčresponsibility stops at the proper execution of the script in the browser as described above.


1 – These tasks must be configured by a qualified person. Your Webmaster, web agency, or third party outsourcing provider in charge of integration. We cannot provide you support for any of these cron tasks because this configuration is not related to the module, it is made ‚Äč‚Äčat the server configuration level or third party service.

2 – The implementation of the scheduled tasks must be performed when the full operation of the module has been verified, and that everything is running, it is the final step.

3 – Follow the recommendations. Do not call these scripts too often, the normal operation of the module could be altered, you should know that Amazon imposes a quota of queries (eg. maximum requests per hour).