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You can perform a selective export of your catalog from Filters tab, different filters are available, price range, brand, supplier.

Filters on the price


In this example will be filtered the products more expensive than € 1,500 and less expensive than € 5

Note that they will never be exported. Therefore the filter will not set offline an offer for which the price has changed.

Brand/Manufacturer or supplier Filters

You will move manufacturers or suppliers that you want to filter from right to left. Thus the products related to the column on your left, marked by a red cross will not be exported:


In the above example all products of “Fashion Supplier” brand/manufacturer will not be exported.

Note: On PrestaShop the Manufacturer/Brand field changes its name according to the version, in PrestaShop 1.6 it is Manufacturer field and in PrestaShop 1.5 it is Brand field