You received an email indicating;

Old version Orders 2011-01-01 – to be deprecated 2/28/17.
· Read the announcement from March 2014.
· Get the new version Orders 2013-09-01 with the latest Client Libraries.
· Read the new announcement from April 2016.

We will continue to make efforts to get everyone moved off the old version before the end of 2016.
*Make that transition from the old to the new now and take advantage of operations for sellers involved with Seller Fulfilled Prime, customized and personalize products through Amazon Custom, Amazon Business (B2B) and, in JP only, Pre-orders and Amazon Points.
*Don’t wait until the Orders calls fail on 3/1/2017!

Yes, it’s true ; Amazon deprecated Order 2011 API and calls to this API will no longer be possible as of March 1, 2017, so on that date you will not be able to import any orders.

The API has been replaced by a new one, which our module implements and which gives more information and services.

The versions of our module affected by this change are all versions prior to version 4.2

Updates are free if you purchased the module during the last 3 months or the last 12 months if you have subscribed to Zen option.

If you have a version prior to version 4.2 and you are not concerned with free upgrade offer you can contact us to get an offer at the special update rate.

To contact us on this subject go to support page.