The module displays the following message:

Code: RequestThrottled
Message: Request is throttled


Code: QuotaExceeded
Message: You exceeded your quota of 30.0 requests per 1 hour for operation Feeds/2009-01-01/SubmitFeed. Your quota will reset on ...

You’re trying to send too many requests to Amazon, you’ve exceeded the quotas set by Amazon.

Quotas are explained on the Amazon Blog at the following address:

Solutions :

– Moderate your use of the module, do not repeatedly click on the action buttons (download, send etc. All actions involve solicitation of the Amazon API)
– Check if you have not planned too many scheduled tasks that would exceed these quotas, you have to implement our recommendations (see the page on scheduled tasks)

If you’ve exceeded the quotas, you will regain your right to request the API again, you just need to wait.