After creating products, you have to publish the offers on-line for the first time.

It is therefore necessary in this case to send a complete feed in overwrite mode, so you can be sure that all your offers are published:

I) Check connectivity as explained on the page Configure the connection settings.

II) Please go to the Catalog > > Update (Offers)

Select the options ; Send all the offers, purge and replace:

01-11-2014 09-59-55

Click on “Update”

III) Generate the report:

21-10-2014 09-08-48


Make sure that in this report the offers were imported, the report is clear and in French, you will assess the situation without special technical knowledge:

21-10-2014 09-09-41

Note that the availability of the report is not immediate, you should wait from a few minutes to tens of minutes or more depending on the number of offers sent.

In case of technical problems, provide the necessary information described on the page Update Offers – Support Request