You have been redirected to this page so that the context, the principle of self-integration of the catalog on a marketplace are well understood, how we operate, how to succeed your marketplace integration.

Marketplace vs eBay

It is often claimed that sending products on eBay is simpler and less burdensome, which is true. What for ? Because historically, eBay is not a marketplace but an auction and classifieds site, so a product is not unique. Each offer is a page with a lifespan. Thus, if 10 vendors are selling the same product there will be ten different pages, there are plenty of offers, that’s why it’s easy to publish.

Do It Yourself

The DIY is explained in Wikipedia,, our approach is based on this principle;

The marketplace integration is rather technical, subscription to third party integration services is expensive, you have chosen auto-integration, so the DIY, our approach is to provide you the tool that will allow you to achieve this integration as easy and cheap as possible.


The module as a whole avoids all the technical aspects of this integration, you do not have to handle complex files, you do not need to know computer programming, nor to have any special computer knowledge. Its use is accessible to all.


The pivot of this integration, is you, through the educational elements that we provide, you will be the key player of your integration. The integration period varies from one person to another, it is based on many criteria, including technical and human criteria;

The technical criteria are linked to hosting, the technical environment, the nature of the catalog, how the catalog was written, the quality of the catalog.

The human criteria are the ease and ability to assimilate the information submitted, variable according to people, but especially the motivation, willingness, courtesy in trade, of course.

Everything is done for you to learn and master your integration, so that you can understand and suceed on your own, that way you are independent and you can manage your future feeds independently, without the intervention of a third party.


The support comes in reinforcement when there are difficulties in the technical environment, a technical problem that is our responsibility, a poorly given explanation, or simply a lack of information.

The support is free, so support is expensive for us; for this reason ; we strive continuously to maintain updated documentation as well as the modules, so that it results in a minimum support, so this is a guarantee of quality.


We will never intervene on our customers’ infrastructures (so we never ask for backoffice access) and we never charge for services, the support is free, we are not service providers because we do not aim to compete with providers of our own customers.


You may encounter difficulties, and often we may be told “if you did it yourself, it would take you 5 minutes”.

Indeed, it is true, but it would contravene the principle of the solution based on sharing knowledge, on what is stated above, if we had to go and question our own rule, that would be unfavorable to you, since the pedagogical approach outlined precisely allows to gain knowledge and it is this knowledge that will make you succeed in your own marketplace integration.


Through this educational approach, from our support, the quality of the tools we provide, the vast majority of our customers succeed in their marketplace integration which satisfies both parties. That’s when you come to us for other integrations or other projects,it is the winning bet, the “win win game”!