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The module performs environment and configuration verifications to ensure the proper functioning of your Prestashop module installation.

If one of the messages is not listed on this page, do not hesitate to contact us, see the page on the support.

PHP warnings:

PHP Time or Memory limits:

PHP Configuration: max_execution_time, the recommended value is at least 120, your current limit is 60
PHP Configuration: memory_limit, the recommended value is at least 256 MB. Your current limit is 120MB.

The module recommends you to contact your host or technical partner to implement these recommendations. For proper functioning of the module you should follow these recommendations. On a shared hosting you cannot change these values, then make sure that you have an appropriate products number for a shared hosting or change the host.

Other PHP Limits:

PHP Configuration: the Suhosin settings suhosin/max_vars can cause malfunctions of the module configuration, contact your host.
PHP Configuration: max_input_vars may cause issues in saving module configuration, ask your host to increase these values

The module recommends that you contact your host or technical partner and to change these values that are insufficient to Prestashop in general.

Ajax Issues:

The AJAX script execution test failed. Make sure that the module is well installed, check the permissions in the documentation and those recommended by your host. If the issue persists, please send a screenshot of this page to the technical support.

1 – The URL you used is “” whereas your domain name is “”

The module uses the Ajax script, your browser prohibits cross-domain requests for security reasons. So use the same, right URL.

2 – You are hosted by OVH or a host with safety rules on the execution of Ajax scripts. Follow the recommendations of your provider about permissions on folders and files.