You have been redirected to this page most probably because you use the multistore mode of Prestashop, so you have to be aware of the most general cases, most frequently encountered;


Using multistore, you agree to have read the correlative documentation of Prestashop and not to contact us for issues related to contexts;

The context is materialized by the choice you make in the store selector at the top of the page;


The module only works in one context; the one of store. So, in contrast, the module does not work in the global context (all stores) and store groups.

Saving the module configuration in a different context than the one of the store could cause malfunctions, unexpected errors.

Scheduled Tasks

The scheduled tasks that are run restore the context at the time of registration of the module configuration.

So for any major and/or structural changes in your environment (eg employee changes, changing settings of the store etc.), it is appropriate to go to the module configuration and save the configuration.


Before requesting support and through the use of multistore, please firstly renew all the operations which cause the support request having previously saved the module configuration in the context of the store.

So ;

  • Saving the module configuration in the appropriate context (the store)
  • The verification of all Prestashop parameters in the same context
  • Renewal of the transaction presenting an issue, still in the same context

Most frequent cases of support come from mishandling of contexts, for example, the user, through inattention, used the context “All the stores.”

Commercial and Legal Framework

By buying the module, you have adhered to the General terms of PrestaShop Addons.

You have therefore acquired a license by module and store, it will be necessary to provide proof of such purchase of additional licenses for this module, which will provide the right for support.

Our free support is based on a fair-usage rule, multistore generating additional costs for support, it is therefore normal that an additional license has to be paid in case of using the multistore.