All indications below are valid when the check box “Sales/Promotions” is selected in the module configuration.

Off Sale Price

Outside the sales period, if a specific price is applied to your product, this specific price will be exported:



The discounted price will be displayed on as a normal price, which is normal since on strike-through prices are used during the sales period.

So if you want to display the strike-through price on, use the sale functionality described below.

During the sales

The module will consider a price is a sale price when the check box “On sale” is checked:



If this box is checked, the product is considered on sale, the first specific price bounded by date will be exported in the feed.

By a specific price we mean bounded by date, a specific price that would be configured as follows:



So a specific price with a start date and an end date, and a discount, either in value or percentage.

The module will export in all cases, even before the date, the sale price. It will indicate to the marketplace the start and end dates of the sale.

It is the marketplace that will establish the reduction on the indicated date and will stop it at the end date of the sales.