What is multitenancy?

The multitenancy is a IT term. Simply, it indicates that from one source you can distribute to many. A page devoted to it on Wikipedia:


What is GO Sport multitenancy?

C Le Marché (The GO Sport Marketplace) is a general marketplace. The area of the specialized marketplace is growing, and GO Sport offers new marketplaces based on this concept.

For the sake of technical ease, GO Sport gives you access to its marketplaces from its main marketplace, from the GO Sport marketplace coupled with your module you export to multiple marketplaces affiliated to GO Sport.

You can publish offers and products from Prestashop to all marketplaces for which you have contracted.

Ask your account manager for more information about it.


The module displays a list of marketplaces on which you are allowed to publish.

There is no special configuration to do so, you will simply have to select the additional marketplaces that are proposed to you.


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