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You have configured your module, selected the categories, entered the profiles, configured the transport, you can send your offer.


Send all the offers:

Allows you to send all the offers for all the selected categories, send all your catalog if checked, otherwise the module will send only items that have changed since the last export.

Purge and Replace:

Removes all your items now online in GO Sport and send back the offers. Use this to delete all of your offers and send them again.

Do not send:

Useful if support asks you to send them the file. The module generates the file but does not send it to GO Sport.

You click on export, you get:

25-10-2014 15-32-12


1) The module indicates that the export was successful

2) You can download the generated file, you can view the reports

In case of error, you will get for the more usual cases a message with a link to an online tutorial that will explain the nature of the message and the appropriate solution:

25-10-2014 16-47-23


In case of technical problem you will be asked for the file and the report, see the page Support et Update Offers – Support Request