Some hosts operate under FastCGI and other by mod_php. The general usage for PrestaShop installations is mod_php.

Our modules provide all kinds of diagnoses based on working with mod_php, only because it is the Prestashop standard.

We remind you that we indicate systematically on our product sheets that our solutions are made to run on hosts compatible and recommended by Prestashop as listed below :

If you have been redirected to this page, it means that you are using FastCGI and therefore we do not have the ability to provide support on the issue, either for lack of tool, or because we do not have the skills to do so, in any case, our area of expertise stops at the development and support of our solutions, not of host formulas and their constraints.

The problem is all the more annoying that some important parameters of your php.ini are inoperative under FastCGI, the FastCGI configuration being prevalent, for example the FcgidBusyTimeout parameter, by default configured to 300, prevails over the max_execution_time, this is a common case of interrupting a running script and thus of an “ajax error”.

You are certainly exposed to one of these constraints, we invite you to communicate to your technical service provider the operational indications for Prestashop :

He should also have a look to the documentation related to FastCGI parameters in addition to PHP parameters;

Note that these settings date back to 2013, so you can take the higher values listed or increase them according to our recommendations.

We will not provide any technical support for the issues encountered in FastCGI environment, if you encounter problems in this environment we recommend changing to “mod_php”, this way, you will benefit from our support.