The Cancel Orders feature allows the module to bi-directionally cancel orders;

  • If an order is canceled by the customer on Amazon, the module will cancel it in the store
  • If an order is canceled in the backoffice of the store, the module will cancel it on Amazon

It is only necessary to configure the status for canceled orders;

You should select a status that does not send mail.

Once the configuration is saved, the module will display the corresponding URL in the scheduled tasks tab. It is this program that will make the cancellations.

In case of cancellation of an order by a customer on Amazon, the module will automatically place the canceled status on the store.

In case of cancellation on the store, it will be necessary to confirm the cancellation.

Cancellation from backoffice

Step 1, set the order on the status Canceled:

Step 2 indicates a reason (1) and then confirms the cancellation (2):

The module will later indicate that a cancellation has been scheduled, as long as the scheduled task has not processed the request it is possible to reverse this decision:


Once the order has been canceled by the module, it is reported as such;

This indicates that the order was actually canceled on Amazon.