Modules > Rakuten France > Configure > Authentication

You are using the module for the first time, you must configure your connection settings that will allow the module to connect.

Connect to your seller account, then Account Settings > Token.

You can go there directly from this link (accessible after logging in to your seller account):

If your token does not exist, generate it, if it exists copy it:


Enter your username and token in the module’s configuration:


Then, test the connectivity to the marketplace by clicking on Verify:


The module must indicate that the connection is OK.

Frequent cases of dysfunction:

1 – You access your Prestashop back office with a different URL from the one configured in “Preferences > SEO & URL” or in multi-store in the store parameters.

For example you used the URL “” whereas your domain name is “”

The module uses the Ajax script, your browser prohibits cross-domain requests for security reasons. So use the same, the right URL.

2 – You are hosted by OVH or a host with safety rules on the execution of Ajax script. Follow the recommendations of your provider about permissions on folders and files.

Debug Mode:

To use in case of Common-Services technical support request to display comprehensive diagnostics. During operation, this mode should not be active.