Common-Services Support for extension for WooCommerce

In any case before contacting support you should have read the documentation, and know that it is as frustrating for the support that the customer has not read the documentation than it is the case for the customer to be told to read the documentation!

The module exists since 2012, most of the problems are known and are listed in the frequent issues category or in our internal knowledge base. Because of this support is performed only by email.

Email for support:

Please include with your support request:

  1. The module version
  2. The WordPress version
  3. Your WooCommerce version

In case of malfunction of the plugin, attach a screenshot of the “Information” tab of the module configuration.

Minimize information going back and forth; Send us anything that may be useful to help you, logs, error messages, screenshots.

For support regarding submission of offers, please see our tutorial:
Update Offers – Support Request

The quality of support depends on the quality of the questions and information provided, as more accurate and detailed is the information as better support will be able to respond effectively.

Support is available Monday to Friday during office hours and responses are made within 24 hours.

Do not request again for support, then you would be responsible for any delay caused, you are collectively responsible for any delay caused by abuse and additional requests.

If you do not receive a reply within 24 hours, it is possible that your message has been redirected to the SPAM folder, email us using a reliable email address, such as that of your ISP.

The support is free, based on fair use, do not abuse of it. If necessary we reserve the right to degrade your profile to a lower priority, the quality of your support would be degraded.

Thank you for your understanding