Version 4 of the module works on Prestashop 1.4, 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7.


The default configuration is ideally suited to current needs. Onlu configure the module if you feel the need to and if you do not know the consequences of these settings.


Once the setup is completed, you will find the module active features:

  • In the Catalog tab > CDiscount
  • In the Orders tab > CDiscount for importing orders
  • On your product sheets, a CDiscount sub-tab will appear, it will contain all options. (NB: these are optional)

Knowledge Required

The module does not require any special technical knowledge, but it might sometimes need an effort of general understanding and to know the operating mechanism of CDiscount marketplace.

Before, it is imperative to understand the difference between an offer and a product, it is a common practice in all marketplaces. Read the page “Differentiate well between an offer and a product“.

You will also need to read the documentValidate your catalog structure“, this one summarizes in a page how should your product sheet be to marketplaces. Once your catalog compliant, you can export to all marketplaces.

Specific Terminology

Profiles and Models

In the module you will find two tabs, profiles and models, to be understood as “Export Profiles” and “Products Data Models”

The profile contains data necessary to the export that establish the correspondence between your products as they are on your Prestashop store and as they should arrive CDiscount, you will determine for example the category on CDiscount for these products .

The products data model allows to complement your products sheets with missing items on Prestashop but needed to CDiscount or to establish the relationship between data that you have on Prestashop and must be exported to CDiscount, such as a feature or an attribute.

Briefly: you specify the category CDiscount on the profile, and ​​CDiscount mandatory values on the model since most models data are optional.

The model is only required for the creation of products sheets.

EAN Codes

The module works in matching and creation mode. That is, it sends the EAN codes for your products, if the product is on the market place the offer is automatically created.

The use of private code, local (e.g. 0000000001231, 2000000001231, 3000000001231) or other than those provided by GS1 is prohibited.

If you do not have EAN codes, CDiscount can exempt you from it, in this case contact your seller’s support.

If you do not have an EAN code, it is recommended to read the following ticket in our blog: